Radio Telephone Operators Restricted Certificate

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CASARA members who wish to prepare for the Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC-A) - Aeronautical Qualification should refer to Industry Canada Spectrum Management - Radio Communication Information Circular RIC-21 prior to contacting the examiner to try the examination. There is no charge for the examination, however, applicants will be required to provide proper identification to the examiner at the time of the examination.

Download RIC-21 v03.2010 (PDF File Format)



Paul D Turner is an authorized examiner for Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC-A) - Aeronautical Qualification by Industry Canada Spectrum Management by the Central and Western District Office. For additional information or to arrange for an examination contact:

  Paul D Turner (Examiner - ROC-A)



The examination will consist of verbal questions, a multi-choice written examination, and a practical test relating to the material included in Study Guide RIC-21 and as determined by the examiner during the examination.


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